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PageRank Sculpting

I didn’t realise this was going on. I am a bit behind with my reading.

In essence, Matt Cutts mentioned some things that have put some panic in the SEO community about ‘nofollow’ and PageRank sculpting.

Danny Sullivan puts together a good post on the two biggest things to come out of the SMX Advanced event. Namely, Google now following JavaScript and Flash links and the PageRank sculpting ho-ha.

Here is also a funny post and video from Dan Thies (who was at the event in the actual room) about the PageRank sculpting saga. Also, on this page is a complex (but worth reading) post from (PageRank sculpting pioneer) Leslie Rohde about PageRank and what he thinks about it all.

In essence, do you really think that:

  1. PageRank can disappear (maybe a little bit, I guess; nothing is perfect. But no way that lots of it will)
  2. PageRank flows to ‘nofollows’ (nope, not a chance)
  3. PageRank flows equally to the ‘dofollow’ links (no, not really. In the same way that I don’t think it flows equally to internal and external links. However, I am pretty sure the ‘dofollow’ links on a page will get more weight than they would if there were no ‘nofollow’ links on the page)
  4. PageRank sometimes just stays with the parent page rather than leak, disappear or transfer (I think this will be the case on many occasions)

All in all, don’t have sleepless nights on this one all you SEO PageRank sculptors. PageRank disappearing en masse would be just plain daft.

However, Matt you really need to respond on this one and get this sorted out…

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