Search Kingdom TrainingUnlike SEO training, pay per click advertising training can be virtually for everyone (well, nearly…).

In all things we do we need to have ability, knowledge and time to do them well. I can enhance your ability and defiantly give you the knowledge to do successful PPC advertising, but I can’t make time for you to do it. Only you can.

It is always possible to get a return on investment for any PPC campaign. Honestly, this is true. However, this is only 100% true if you only factor in click cost weighted against actual profit from the business you get. If you factor in the time you spend running the campaign or the money you spend getting someone else to do so, this percentage come down a little bit. It can come down to zero, for a badly put together or run campaign, even then you can still sometime get a return, but you either have a huge profit margin anyway or are just plain lucky.

So who are my PPC training courses for mainly? Well, the people I train usually fit into these categories or company situations.

  • Marketing executives, managers and directors
  • Companies looking to take their PPC campaign in-house
  • Companies looking to start an PPC campaign and for it to be done in-house
  • Anyone who is in charge of managing or selecting a search marketing agency for their company
  • Small to medium sized business owners who have never run an in-house paid search campaign
  • Small to medium sized business owners who have never previously run an in-house or outsourced a paid search campaign

As with our SEO training, there are a number of other people who could benefit from this type of training, but these are the main target groups.

All of the PPC training I provide is heavily based upon the workshop approach and I try to make it as interactive as possible. My training can also either be bespoke (which is usually linked to consultancy too) or general. Likewise it can be group or individually based.

Training dates will appear here soon for the various training courses I can provide. In the meantime, please call or contact me here. I would be very interested to hear from you if you feel you or your company has a need for PPC training.