No two search engine optimisation projects are ever the same. Also, with Google (and Microsoft’s Bing these days too) ‘tweaking’ its algorithm roughly 300 times per year, no SEO project ever stand still either.

“Sounds complex…” you say.
“But all I want is to appear better in search engine results and get more business”, you add.

Fortunately, the fundamentals of any SEO project are essentially the same (the first and most overlooked one is that you need a great website!). The complexity lies in assessing and applying the tactics needed for each project and cutting through the utter rubbish that still abounds from bad SEOs and people who play down SEO with a “isn’t it just putting keywords in the Meta tags…” comment.

So, to cut to the chase, please find below the (short) list of the process I follow for our SEO consultancy service; it will take you about a minute to read.

  1. I listen to what you want to achieve.
  2. I look at what you have, where you are currently and what you have done. If you are putting together a new site then this part merges with point 1.
  3. After a detailed assessment. I tell you what I can do, what it will cos and what the initial period of consultation will be.
  4. If we agree to go forward, I will put together a strategy with defined and implemented tactics that will achieve your stated goals. This strategy will be based upon ethical, best practice and sustainable principals.
  5. During the entire time I work with you, I will update you on what has happened, what progress has been made and what I need from you and/or your company to help us achieve our goals.

Whether it is totally outsourced, joint or embedded consultancy you require, I can provide the knowledge and strategy to help get your website found.

Importantly, I will never take on a project that has limited chances of success. What do I mean by this? Well, everything is possible, but if budget, time, commitment and understanding is lacking and this will hinder the chances of success, then you may as well waste your money with someone who will take it and then not deliver.

The benefits of good and long lasting search engine exposure can underpin a company’s success and profit. With this very much in mind, I will never take an SEO project lightly, nor should you, whether you use my services or not.

Remember that ‘natural’ (not paid) search engine listings are the king of the ‘push’ advertising world. There are people either locally or internationally searching for what you do NOW. Don’t let them not have the chance to ‘choose’ you and your company.

Just give me a call or contact me here and I will be very interested to spend some time with you discussing your situation and what you would like to achieve.