Search Kingdom TrainingSearch engine optimisation training is not for everyone (I must remember to not start introduction pages with a negative statement…). I just isn’t. I spend at least 10 hours a week keeping abreast of what is happening in the ever changing world of SEO/Internet marketing and sometimes even this is not enough.

So, why do I offer SEO training then? Well, there are a lot of people and companies who can benefit from an expanded knowledge of search engine optimisation, just not everyone.

So who can benefit? Please find below a selection of people and company situations that can directly benefit from expanded SEO knowledge.

  • Web designers
  • Web programmers
  • Marketing executives, managers and directors
  • Companies looking to take their SEO campaign in-house
  • Companies looking to start an SEO campaign and for it to be done in-house
  • Anyone who is in charge of managing or selecting a search marketing agency for their company
  • Small to medium sized business owners who want to look at specific areas where they can gain extra search engine exposure (e.g. local search)

If I have missed you off this list, just let me know. The list could go on a bit longer, but I though I would concentrate on the main areas that I have found where SEO training is beneficial.

All of the SEO training I provide is heavily based upon the workshop approach and I try to make it as interactive as possible. My training can also either be bespoke (which is usually linked to consultancy too) or general. Likewise it can be group or individually based. The mixture of all of these is where I sometime run workshops on specific subjects (e.g. local search).

Training dates will appear here soon for the various training courses I can provide. In the meantime, please call or contact me here. I would be very interested to hear from you if you feel you or your company has a need for SEO training.